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Sports!!! Character are revealed 
Personalities are built"
We, at GICTS Group of institutions believe that it is the right of the student to rest and leisure, to connect himself/herself with play and recreational activities suitable to the age of the student and to contribute freely in educational life and the arts. It enables the student to have an appropriate balance between educational curriculum and Physical activities.
Here, the sports and the Physical activities are just as important as the classes and libraries and receive equal attention. Admittedly, the young people are energetic enough to enjoy the sports and it is really necessary to relieve themselves from stressful academic work or strengthen themselves through different kinds of sports. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that the students should aim to gain both knowledge and the all-round development which is advocated wildly in today's world
GICTS students form the bulk of various university teams, the main ones being volley Ball, Basket Ball & Cricket.
The college organizes many state level tournaments, the prestigious one being the GICTS T20 Cricket tournament which is sponsored by the college and held at Capt. Roop Singh Stadium, the venue of many international matches.
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Mahadji Nagar Shivpuri Link Road, Lashkar, Gwalior(M.P.) Pin. 474001