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At GICTS, the course curriculum is designed in order to provide expertise to all students in their chosen field .Therefore, GICTS has adopted various modes of Teaching Methodology, which will help the students to understand the concepts better than what they would learn in a real life situation.
Lecture Method
GICTS class room and lecture halls are well equipped with projectors, Air coolers, focus and proper lighting thus, making a perfect environment for learning. The mode is adopted at GICTS because the Teacher is experienced and has mastery on subject, explain all Points and can answer all questions raised by students., Students can ask if they need any clarification. Therefore, facilitating students to learn and grasp in a healthy environment. 
As a fact the presentation is the important part of any professional working. In corporate generally, presentation method are used for explaining products, performances or at times used for forecasting. Therefore, GICTS has made it an integral part of curriculum which increase confidence in students and making them job ready. 
Seminar/Workshops gives a Chance to our students to share experience of people involved in same profession. At GICTS seminars/workshops are frequently conducted for students so that our student gets the maximized exposure of the industry.
Case study/ Role play
Case study is the best method to explain the real time situation. Case study method is adopted in every department at GICTS, so that students can understand their reasoning and analytical power. 
Industrial visits happens frequently at GICTS in order to help our students to experience  live the working and management of a firm .Industrial visit proves to be a kind of  On-the Job training for are students ,where provide a great real time experience to our students .It helps our students to increase their horizon of thinking . 
Group Discussion, Simulated Interviews, Management Games ,and Many others .
At GICTS, students are also suppose to participate in G.Ds., Simulated Interviews ,management game, etc and realize their strength, weakness ,and furthermore they can judge their growth rate and the path on which they are moving towards. Therefore transforming the way the student sees the world and hence ensuring the overall development of the   students.
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